This year at DANSIC we have been working with the concepts Mindfulness and Sustainability. Two very big buzzwords, that are being used out there but not necessarily together or in connection with each other. The DANSIC family has been discussing what they mean to us, and how we can contribute towards them - both as individuals and as a tribe of people that cares about the topic. How can we change our current behavior that could lead to a positive impact on ourselves and the world? Can we create a better and more sustainable world by changing our mindset? Does it really matter what one individual does?


The “event” is designed around a fascinating article by Ericson, Kjønstad, and Barstad, which among other things highlights that promoting mindfulness could be construed as a policy that contributes both to sustainability and to greater well-being.

We are excited to bring this idea to life, with you!

Therefore, we would like to take you on a journey with us to explore the connection between Sustainability x Mindfulness, with the aim to identify the intertwined relation and where the subtle line might lie. You will have access to a mini-podcast series including four episodes around different pillars, each covering different aspects of looking into the topic. The hope is that it will open your mind and teach us how to better be aware of ourselves and the world around us, which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.

Discover the pillars and click on their logos!

To kick-off the Journey together, we invited you all to participate to a starting survey, to better understand your habits. Now that is closed, for the ones who completed it, we want you finish our Post-Survey. This would be critical to understand more about your path and inspire us. Discover how to change habits, create new ones and how to keep them!

At the moment, we are experiencing strange times where all of us are faced with many changes in our daily routine due to the global pandemic, regardless of where we are located in the world. This is the time for reflections and introspection and an opportunity to raise our awareness of the things that matter the most.

What do I usually do? 
What has changed since the COVID-19 lockdown took place? 
Our habits needed to adapt to a restraining situation, but which habits will I take with me into the future? 


DANSIC also needed to change. We have adjusted and adapted to the situation and moved our activities into the digital space. Continuing on that path we would like to bring people together and create an Online Community, which will mainly take place on Facebook, where we can share our thoughts and a sense of belonging. You will have access to likeminded people and different content in relation to our topic, so we encourage you to partake by clicking here. 


The journey will end on the 18th of May 2020 with a final Podcast Episode to wrap things up. Introducing the results of our journey and a further discussion on habit change and how to keep our new mindful and sustainable habits. In the meantime, we will continue to give you different “nudges”, through our online community and via email. 

We want to send you away with a challenge!

After “the journey”, you will go about your “normal” life, but we urge you to think about the behavior change you want to see in the world!

Write it out, reflect on it, talk to the people around you and become the change you want to see - small steps at a time! 


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April 2020








April 2020