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Project Coordinator at 'One Bowl', Volunteer at 'Foodsharing Copenhagen' &

Co Creator of 'Taste the Waste'

As a food scientist Irene has always been fascinated by Food and all its meaning in society. She has also been interested in cooking and delivering messages through food and believes it to be the most effective tool to make a change in society. Own Bowl is a pay-as-you-feel community restaurant and ever since volunteering there her interest in bringing people together through food has only grown bigger. One Bowl has tied together the purpose and the direction she wanted to take since the aim is to resolve issues around food insecurity, loneliness, and social exclusion. Her journey is only starting since currently One Bowl and Foodsharing are joining forces through a project they call ‘Taste the Waste’. It takes the format of weekly events where surplus and perfectly edible food is cooked in a safe space where everyone is accepted regardless of their economic status and culture. Being able to combine the values of those two organizations makes us stronger and brings a lot of people together in the communal effort to reduce food waste and share it, because: #sharingiscaring.