Finance Manager (Student/Volunteer Position)

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Are you passionate about numbers and money? Are you currently a student or a recent graduate in Finance? We are looking for a responsible person who is eager to dig into our cash flows and manage our financial reports. If you are actively seeking to gain beneficial experience to strengthen that CV and at the same time create social impact, then DANSIC may be the organization for you!

We're looking for someone who...

Currently is a Bachelor’s / Master’s student or a recent graduate within Finance (up to 1 year since graduation)
Would like to support social innovation
Is able to attend the weekly meetings at the workplace

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The finance department at DANSIC:

The Finance department at DANSIC plays an important role in managing the cash flow of DANSIC and ensuring that all financial activities are reported and communicated with the co-presidents. The finance department conducts and navigates budgets together with the marketing and event department at DANSIC.

You are our next Finance executive if you are looking to gain experience within:

  • Managing incomes, expenses

  • Creating financial reports

  • Budgeting

  • Tax payment

About the Company

DANSIC is a non-profit volunteer led organization that explores the opportunities and challenges of social innovation and entrepreneurship. This year we are working on bringing together the idea of art as a product of recycled materials.
As a volunteer in DANSIC, you will be part of an ambitious group of volunteers from various universities, nationalities and professional backgrounds, all caring about sustainability and social innovation.

DANSIC22’s goal is to promote the necessity of reclaimed and secondhand materials in making the world a less wasteful place through the “Art of Recycling”.

To learn more about DANSIC and to see our past projects, go to: