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Head of Engineering & Development (Student/Volunteering position

Copenhagen, Denmark

Job type: 


We're looking for someone who...
- Can commit themselves as a Head of Engineering & development and will be present at manager general meetings
- Capable of leading a development team that consists of two web-developers and UX designer
- Has previous experience in either, IT / web-development / software-development / coding / engineering
- Is interested in gaining experience in a nonprofit organization
- Can motivate the volunteers of DANSIC and wants to develop their social and professional skills – as well as their own
- Currently is a Bachelor’s / Master’s student or a recent graduate
- Would like to support social innovation and sustainability
- Is able to attend the weekly meeting with your crews
- Can undertake ad hoc tasks during the week
- Has good time management/communication skills and can be a motivated leader for their team
- Can be a part of DANSIC from summer/fall 2022 until late spring 2023, when our Annual General Meeting will be held (this is a must!)

As our next Head of Engineering & Development your responsibilities involve (but not limit to):
- Ensuring that a plan is developed for your department(s) strategy together with your fellow board members and Department heads
- Being the face of DANSIC, and representing the organization in a positive way
- Promoting DANSIC to potential volunteers within Tech department and recruiting them, while also helping to facilitate interviews
- Using your own innovative ideas and planning skills to ensure the success of the organization
- Represent and participate in DANSIC-led excursions
- Planning and facilitating internal workdays with your teams and board members

The Perks:
- Expand your professional network inside and outside DANSIC
- Socializing together over casual pizzas, Friday bars, Christmas lunches, etc.
- Access to an office venue at Station in Frederiksberg
- A recommendation letter from the DANSIC Board for your CV and/or Linkedin
- Use DANSIC for your own professional and personal growth

Applicants will be invited on an ongoing basis for a friendly interview until the position is filled, so apply as soon as possible!
For more information or questions please contact us at


Are you looking to commit to a wonderful team and make a difference as a Head of Engineering & development of our organization? Are you currently a student or recent graduate? We are looking for a tech enthusiast that is confident and comfortable with managing a broad range of people who want to make a difference in the world and contribute to the organization with technical skills. If you are actively seeking to gain beneficial experience to strengthen that CV, then DANSIC may be the organization for you!

You are our next Head of Engineering & Development if you are looking to gain experience within:

  • Leadership skills

  • Development skills

  • Organizational skills

  • Technical skills

About the Company

Who are we?
DANSIC is a non-profit organization that explores the opportunities and challenges of social innovation and entrepreneurship. This year we are working on bringing together the idea of creating awareness and decreasing the problem of overconsumption.
As a Head of Engineering & Development in DANSIC, you will be part of an ambitious group of volunteers from various universities, nationalities and professional backgrounds, all caring about social innovation and sustainability. You will have the opportunity to be at the head of the Tech department to ensure that operations and web development run smoothly and successfully. Working alongside Board Members, you will have the opportunity to contribute towards the DANSIC23 idea and work on it throughout the year!
We will tell you more about this year’s idea and the project in the interview!

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