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Over-consumption is when individuals or society consume goods, services, and natural resources beyond what is necessary for their daily needs. This puts a lot of burden on the world’s resources and its people. Who are often exploited in many parts of the world to keep up with the demand and supply. This can take many forms, like the excessive use of resources, energy, and food. The acquisition of unnecessary worldly material possessions.


Over-consumption is a problem but it is often a choice that we make. This year at Dansic as a social innovation project, we took on the challenge to fight over-consumption in Denmark specifically targeting the over-purchase of goods and services like home furnishings, books, clothing, toys, and unused vehicles that often get stored in cellars that may be of use to someone else. Instead of reusing things that are often in good condition or scouting in second-hand stores, many do succumb to buying new products which further us in a trap of unsustainable patterns within society. Often throwing out perfectly good items that end up in a trash bin. We needed a sustainable, simple fast solution that could help our society to gain healthy habits that propel us in a direction of a circular economy.

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Is a web app that makes it easy to upload photos of products, peruse readily available goods, and communicate without waiting too long for a response. This often seems to be the problem with existing sites that gets people frustrated and leads them to throw the items. Use-up assists to move used goods in a faster convenient hassle-free manner that is free.


Search for an item

Pick up

Locate the desired item

Enjoy it 

Give it a second life



Our event brings together entrepreneurs, neo-green idealists, and people from all over Copenhagen.

We hope to inspire them with innovative green technologies and ideas that facilitate a sustainable lifestyle change. The event combines an inspiring exhibition of green technologies with a conference that is attended by many thought leaders. The highlight of the event is the launch of the web app Use-up which will help over-consumption of material goods in Copenhagen and its surrounding areas. The event happens in the KU Lighthouse over a day.

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