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How can we change our current behavior that could lead to a positive impact on ourselves and the world? Can we create a better and more sustainable world by changing our mindset? Does it really matter what one individual does?

DANSIC20 Mindfulness X Sustainability was an event created to explore the nexus between these two buzzwords. Situating itself in the context of a social health issue, while at the same time crossing into the future of our planet, DANSIC challenged themselves to understand their intertwined relationship and where the subtle line might lie.

About the event


As a response to the pandemic, the DANSIC20 Team created a digital journey in the year 2019-2020! Mindfulness X Sustainability consisted of a series of mini-podcast, with four episodes revolving around different pillars, each covering different aspects of the topic, and a concluding podcast to close the "loop".

The idea behind the event was to open our listeners' minds and teach them how to better be aware of themselves and the world around them, which ultimately leads to a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle.

Hear them down here and discover more on our Soundcloud & Spotify channel!



To kick-off the journey, we invited all to participate to a starting survey, to better understand their habits. All followers were connected to a social community, were nudges were given to foster sustainable habit changes.


The four podcasts, core of the experience, are structured in a conversation with several experts, who pushed the listener into an introspective experience and raise awareness.

We concluded the event with a final survey, to understand if we managed to push a behaviour change in our followers, and a conclusive podcast in reflection to what we all have learned.

Interested on the results? Check our final report!


Click on the covers to hear the podcasts!

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