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Supporting Social Innovation since 2011

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Eager to express themselves and set their skills in motion, Denmark students created DANSIC. Founded in 2011, the platform was born from the need and the lack of a place, where Danish and International students, with various backgrounds and studying in different fields, could explore their ideas and contribute with voluntary work to society. With the success of past projects and the hard work of the volunteers, DANSIC has grown to be the largest platform for social innovation in Denmark. With every step and the contribution of the students, the organization grows even more to create a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable society.


DANSIC is similar to a PHOENIX; every year a new team of volunteers -led by the Board and the Executives, re-assembles DANSIC and works within a social innovation topic in order to impact society.


Each year’s project aims to investigate a distinct topic or challenge pertinent to today’s dynamic and ever/changing society.

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Our history

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color_Mesa de trabajo 1 copy 2.jpg

What have we been doing so far ?

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