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Create your own flower bouquet !

Sustainable art

For this year, 2022, here at DANSIC, we have decided to bring forward the concept of Sustainable Art. Our goal is to create a broader perspective on the intersectionality between art and sustainability, which is a mirrored image of the current concerns and interests of society. 


For this year’s event, we want to educate on the topic and inspire more people to delve into the sustainable art movement, while strengthening the sense of community. Art brings people together, and more specifically, sustainable art is a dominant movement in Copenhagen. With this event, artists and other participants can come together and inspire each other.

The event will take place on the 30th of April, at  VOLUME the old tram depot at Enghavevej 80C. Participants will be able to attend a day of fun filled with workshops, sources of inspiration and the opportunity to meet various artists.


Between 15 to 20 artists will be present to exhibit their works and share their ideas with the public. Best part is that you are invited. Bring your friends, a good mood and let’s create consciously together.

click on our plant lady to check the facebook event !

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