The recruiting period for 2021 has CloseD.

Thank you everyone for the interest!


DANSIC consists of around 20-30 ambitious volunteers, sectioned into different crews, and a board of friendly executives, themselves also volunteers. The volunteers are recruited on a yearly basis, to ensure the continual development of DANSIC as an innovative organization. Our volunteers are either Danish or international and are studying different subjects at various universities and colleges in Denmark. This is in order to secure a high level of diversity and interdisciplinary work throughout.

We are not hiring at the moment, but if you like the sound of DANSIC and you’re not sure where you could fit in, send us an unsolicited application with a copy of your CV and your LinkedIn profile URL. We’ll do the rest..


Any general enquiries can be sent to


Go have the experience of a lifetime. I cannot put into words how much DANSIC – Danish Social Innovation Club has meant for me personally.

Simon, DANSIC17 Volunteer