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Are you interested in Circularity?

DANSIC21 Circular Challenge was a case competition with an overarching theme,  "Circularity in Business". It gave to our participants the opportunity of working on innovative solutions that would advance the circular economy agenda.

About the event


The DANSIC21 Team proudly created their first intercontinental Case Competition in the year 2020-2021. The competition targeted Circularity in Business and involved students from various backgrounds, from design to business administration.

We wanted to focus on building bridges and networks between students from different countries and resolving real-life business challenges.

Want to know more? Check here the case solutions!

The viability, feasibility and desirability of each solution influenced the ranking. The jury accounted in their final decision all teams' presentations, nevertheless of the technical issues encountered.


Not so interested in the Case Competition, but interested in sustainability and circularity? DANSIC21 held a set of webinars open for everyone about circularity.

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