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Are you interested in Circularity?

DANSIC21 Circular Challenge was a case competition with an overarching theme,  "Circularity in Business". It gave to our participants the opportunity of working on innovative solutions that would advance the circular economy agenda.

About the event


The DANSIC21 Team proudly created their first intercontinental Case Competition in the year 2020-2021. The competition targeted Circularity in Business and involved students from various backgrounds, from design to business administration.

We wanted to focus on building bridges and networks between students from different countries and resolving real-life business challenges.

Want to know more? Check here the case solutions!

The viability, feasibility and desirability of each solution influenced the ranking. The jury accounted in their final decision all teams' presentations, nevertheless of the technical issues encountered.


Not so interested in the Case Competition, but interested in sustainability and circularity? DANSIC21 held a set of webinars open for everyone about circularity.

See them down here and discover more on our DANSICtube!

DANSIC21 Webinar #1: The Role of Circularity in Achieving a Net-Zero Economy

DANSIC21 Webinar #1: The Role of Circularity in Achieving a Net-Zero Economy

The modern world is built on consumption patterns that are heavily dependent on extractive economic models and constant depletion of resources. Our systems are very good at "taking", but not very good at "recovering" the used materials. How do we move away from the current linear economy of "take-make-dispose" that is built on planned obsolescence and short-term use? How do we ensure that we reuse as much as we can, and design out waste from the beginning of a product's lifecycle? In the DANSIC21 series of webinars, we have invited prominent speakers and businesses to answer our questions and shed light on innovative strategies for a circular economy. In this webinar, we start with a presentation from Camilla Kampmann who works as the Associate Partner for Sustainability Services at IBM and will discuss about the role of circularity in mitigating climate risks. After Camilla's presentation, we are joined with Tina Karme, CEO and Co-founder of Sustory and Outi Korpinen, Head of Sustainability at Adelante Americas for a panel discussion about how to move the circularity agenda forward. Minutes: 0:10-2:00 DANSIC Introduction 2:00-4:00 Case Competition Introduction 4:00-5:12 Webinar Speaker Introduction - Camilla Kampmann 5:12-37:00 Camilla Kampmann from IBM: A digital perspective to reinvent use of resources for a new economy 37:00-1:04:00 Panel Discussion with Tina Karne and Outi Korpinen Follow DANSIC on Facebook: Follow DANSIC on LinkedIn: Follow DANSIC on Instagram:
DANSIC21 Webinar #2: Upstream Innovation: Designing Solutions for a Circular Economy

DANSIC21 Webinar #2: Upstream Innovation: Designing Solutions for a Circular Economy

The second DANSIC21 webinar invited Annette Lendal, previous DANSICer and current project manager at Ellen MacArthur Foundation, to talk about "Upstream Innovation" and how it can accelerate the adoption of circular solutions. Upstream innovation targets the value creation process and aims at preventing and designing out waste from the very beginning of the product's life, in contrast with downstream efforts which look at managing the already existing waste (recycling). Annette Lendal is an expert on upstream innovation and circular economy packaging solutions. She has worked extensively for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) as a project manager in the innovation team co-authoring the Reuse Book (2019) and the Upstream Innovation Guide to Packaging Solution (2020). Today, she supports EMF part-time working with the world’s largest FMCGs on how to kickstart upstream innovation processes. She also works with the Danish NGO Plastic Change as an external consultant. She participated in the creation of DANSIC, back in 2011, and served as an Alumni Board member from 2015 to 2017. Minutes 00:00-1:25 DANSIC Introduction 1:25-2:40 Case Competition Introduction 2:40-4:18 Webinar Speaker Introduction - Annette Lendal 4:20-38:14 Annette Lendal from Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Upstream Innovation "Designing solutions for a circular economy" 38:15-56:25 Q&A with Annette Lendal Follow DANSIC on Facebook: Follow DANSIC on LinkedIn: Follow DANSIC on Instagram: DANSIC Website:
DANSIC21 Webinar #6: Strategies for Circular Business Models

DANSIC21 Webinar #6: Strategies for Circular Business Models

For our last webinar, we will dive into the minds of Markus Hatting from Tekstilrevolutionen and Jocelyne Landry Tsonang from Africa Circular Economy Network (ACEN). Tekstilrevolutionen is a textile thinking tank that works towards creating a positive footprint in the textile industry for the world and those who live on it. The Africa Circular Economy Network (ACEN) initiative works towards building a restorative African economy. The purpose is to generate well-being and prosperity which is inclusive for all its people through new forms of economic production and consumption and thereby maintaining and regenerating environmental resources. During the webinar, you will have the opportunity to hear about ACEN, Jocelyne Landry Tsonang's role within ACEN and how ACEN are working towards achieving a Circular Economical Africa. Markus Hatting will go in-depth with the challenges of going circular from the business perspective and give some concrete strategies on how to achieve a circular business model. Minutes 00:00-04:23 Agenda, Speaker and DANSIC Introduction 04:23-40:49 Presentation by Tekstilrevolutionen Co-Founder Markus Hatting 40:49-01:01:05 Presentation by Jocelyne Landry Tsonang from ACEN 01:01:22-01:11:51 Q&A Follow DANSIC on Facebook: Follow DANSIC on LinkedIn: Follow DANSIC on Instagram: DANSIC Website:
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