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In Copenhagen, A Sustainable Tour

Copenhagen, the largest city and capital of Denmark, is a landmark with many attractions and historical places. Everyone that lives here can agree that Copenhagen is simply, great for living, for lack of a better word. A city that finds itself to be a perfect size with friendly people both Danish and Internationals, realistic sustainable goals, and future, overall a nice environment for all ages and genders.

I happen to be a 20-year-old who lives here in Copenhagen. I came to Denmark in the summer of 2020, with a few clothes and big ideas. Even after two years of being here, I can still discover new things around the city, whether it is a new event about art, a new favorite food place, or new people and stories to laugh or learn from. Copenhagen is a place that touches a lot of cultures and interests. It is best known for its charm, the happiness it brings, and for its role in being a sustainable leader.

To give a better understanding of what Copenhagen is like, I try to imagine it as a person, a good friend. Like me, she is a girl in her 20s, who has many different hobbies and interests. She is a great host, has good friends, and is forw

ard thinking. Great fashion, relaxed, knows the best food and drinks, spontaneous, active, happy, eco-friendly, studious, and pro-active are only some of the words that can describe her. In our loneliest moments we forget that the city is our friend, and like friends are, the city begins to look like ourselves. For many people, this friend always looks and gives something different. We take and give back to the many characteristics Copenhagen has to offer.

As people, we try to find out place in life constantly, every day and every second. The city we live in is a constant reminder that this is the place we are meant to be or not. When I joined DANSIC in February 2022, my roots in this city grew even deeper. Working in a student-led organization with a strong sense of community makes everyone that is part of it grow deep connections. Together we have the goal to deliver an event close to our hearts. Our vision is to bring Sustainable Art a well-deserved moment of appreciation and give back to the community and our friend, Copenhagen.

For DANSIC, the city has been a friend for many years now. We can say that DANSIC sees Copenhagen as the friend with the best ideas, great attitude, and fresh perspective. Of the many gifts Copenhagen has given DANSIC, inspiration is the most prominent one. In 2022, we have the desire to learn from its ability to bring art, sustainability, and people together, and give back new connections, joy, and beauty.

In the honor of this great city we are living in, together we will take a tour of what makes Copenhagen sustainable, with the hope to inspire you too.

Sustainable activities, places, ways

  • Copenhagen is a strategically planned city for smooth and sustainable ways of transportation and well constructed, wide bicycle lanes. The city infrastructure provides the presence of bicycle holding stands on the local trains, proof of the government’s insistence on the sustainability mindset. The city gives a great opportunity for more children and adults to cycle to school and work rather than using individual cars. Walking, biking, and taking public transportation are essential in Copenhagen.

  • The density of parks and lakes, a calming flora and fauna for the hectic days of work, helps to keep the environment green and ecologically fresh with oxygen. Corporate and residential architecture exist in controlled geographical space, which leaves more room for growing and maintaining green life inside the city.

  • Planning of Copenhagen has been well reputed for being far-sighted, containing easily accessible beach areas within short distances from the city center. As well as public harbor bath spots for lovers of adventurous swimming days. A biking marathon to another city is never a bad idea for those who enjoy sports and sustainable traveling.

  • Well developed carbon-neutral district heating with wind and biomass electricity production

  • GreenKayak’, a non for profit organization that enables recycling with the fun and free activity of kayaking, done by interested citizens themselves.

  • A high magnitude of Tesla(or any other electrical car) owners. The world’s only highway-capable electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, entered the Danish market back in 2010, with the Tesla 3, the cheapest base model of the brand engines. Electric vehicles are known to basically produce a very low amount of planet-warming emissions, although the emphasis here would be directed toward HOW the manufacturing of the engines is done along with the battery charging mechanisms.

  • As compared to the traditional fuel generation through fossil fuels by conventional engines, efficiency is more pronounced with the use of electric mothers.


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