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The Art of Sustainability - Event, carefully planned for you

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

About the location - ‘Volume’

The presence of ‘Volume’ as a space, materials for supporting the event as well as the major aspects for facilitating an interaction between the creators and the consumers, are all significant factors in the success of the event. Afterall, the pool of international students along with the local community, need a care-free and inspiring space to be receptive to the creations. As likewise for the creators, who can surely use this opportunity to reach out considerably more.

Important details and highlights about the event So until now you have read all about the ‘what’, ‘how’ and especially the ‘why’ of DANSIC22’s journey so far. Now let us get to the ‘where’ of it..!

The event is all set to be exhibited on the 30th of April 2022, at the ‘Volume’ in Copenhagen, a very special space where industrial history is embraced and nothing but raw expression is produced and shared. This location has seen such a diverse range of events from concerts to conferences. A place where culture is exchanged and expressed within a professional framework. And this very location, dear reader, will be DANSIC22’s medium to showcase individuals involved in the theme of Sustainability and to reach out to you, under the perfect limelight. Food trucks, a groovy DJ atmosphere, and artistic culture all around.

Inspiration - why art and sustainability? This event started to come to fruition back in the summer of 2021, as each new year of DANSIC the Board Members are responsible for looking within to see what inspires them. Then, the Board hones in on these passions to create a concept for the next DANSIC year. For DANSIC22 the Board aimed to push both themselves and the organization to put on the most creative DANSIC event to date, drawing from their own love for creativity and an investment in taking action towards the ensuing climate crisis.

The entire team has been so far nothing less than inspired, with each day of effort, researching and brainstorming for chalking out every step of the pathway to the event. It may of course come across as obvious to you, that all we must have thought of was how glorious, successful and glitter-filled we crave our big day to be. However this may disappoint you, that the secret to the energy we have had, has been our love for the journey. Of course, everyone celebrates the final achievement, but absolutely none of that would be even remotely possible without the intention and passion put into the process by all the various departments and togetherness of the members. Kudos to the flat structure of the organization, where egos are out the window and rivalrous boundaries are non-existent. If you have an idea, your voice is not just effective, it’s paramount!

The story-telling or rather story ‘building’ through regular blog posts by our content writers, the concept of sustainability, and our whole initiative visualized and curated through design, aesthetic and dynamic structure for both mobile and desktop by our designers. The capture of the step-by-step launch recipes for our promotions, along with super fun and interactive interviews with the local participating artists by our videographers. The thoughtful and careful research and handling behind financing the complete process to ensure total brilliance of the DANSIC22’s whole framework. Making sure that our initiative reaches audiences in exactly the way they love viewing it, a.k.a our social media managers! If you had fun and felt inspired just reading all of the above, it is because we put our heart and soul into the process. This is innovation. This is DANSIC.

Here’s what our DANSIC22 team has to say!

Valeria “ I’m looking forward to seeing the idea come to life but more importantly to use DANSIC as a platform to amplify the great work that artists are doing by performing their craft sustainably. They truly create things consciously and that gives them a new meaning.”

“I hope the community can connect both between citizens and artists and among artists. I believe that is the real reason why we are doing that. Hopefully we can have an impact and trigger some kind of internal dialogue with the participants so they can have that internal reflection and learn new ways in which they can conduct themselves in a sustainable manner.”

Lana “Sustainability is divided into three pillars: economic, environmental and social. Our event includes all three of them. We want to show people how some things can be reused in different ways, which saves money, reduces waste and pollution, and brings diverse people together. I hope that the event will inspire a lot of our participants, and leave a positive and long lasting impact on them. By participating in the workshops, I expect them to see that creating sustainable art is not difficult and that it is worth it.”


“Besides the importance of the conversation about sustainability in art we aim to open at this year's exhibition, I'm genuinely looking forward to see the outcome of all these months of work. DANSIC is made of ideas and of people generating ideas - lots of brilliant young minds have put a big effort during the last months, and I can't wait to see how well this is going to turn out.”

Lucila “I can say I am excited for this event to teach me the many ways we can be sustainable and creative at the same time. We are in a critical moment environmentally speaking and sustainability is the answer, now. I really hope this event helps us to raise awareness of the impact of our actions.”

Elisa “I look forward to holding this event as I believe this is an opportunity for people to get inspired and be connected with a different side of art, which sometimes is unexplored. I hope the interaction with the artists, creating unique pieces together out of discarded material and assisting in talks about sustainability; not only can empower more people to approach this journey but also can help them realize that being sustainable is easier than it seems!”

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